/ CX Advisor

If you are new to leading a Customer Experience or Customer Service function or if you are an experienced CX/CS leader charged with a major transformation, it can be extremely beneficial to leverage the expertise of others.

With 30 years’ experience leading CX/CS organisations, Aileen can provide you with invaluable advice and guidance and be a sounding board as you work through transformation plans and execution.

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/ Differentiating Through People

As companies across the globe aim to transform their customer experience much focus is being placed on AI, Bots, Machine Learning and RPA. With the same technology available to everyone, the ability to differentiate often comes down to the most significant asset any contact centre has – its people.

Companies are set apart by their creative workforce strategies – such as wellbeing schemes, efforts to develop company culture, and support initiatives.

Aileen can help you develop and implement programs ranging from insource/outsource strategies, wellbeing programmes, culture transformation and recognition programmes.

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/ Transitioning to the Cloud

Software companies founded prior to the emergence of the cloud often need to thrive in a hybrid cloud/on-premise world. For support organisations, the transition to the cloud is challenging because legacy infrastructure, tools, processes and training models do not support the fast-paced challenges of supporting cloud solutions.

It’s also vital to manage the interdependency between the engineering/service organisation and the support organisation and this requires an aligned CX strategy centred on the customer.

Leveraging Aileen’s substantial experience in leading support at scale in a hybrid model can help you accelerate your journey to delivering a world-class customer support experience.

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/ Growing Customer Support in the Cloud

Software companies born in the cloud typically have a head start over their pre-cloud competitors when it comes to technical support. They tend to have thought about supportability from the start of their business but often do not adequately plan for large-scale support. As businesses grow from the low $bn sales to double digit $bn’s, it is essential to proactively plan for scaling cloud support – and it’s a challenge that needs time and considerable experience. If it is not given due attention, costs will soar as case volumes grow and customers receive less personalised levels of support than they were used to at a smaller scale. With Aileen’s background leading large scale cloud support at some of the world’s best-known technology companies, she can provide you with advice, best practices and pitfalls to avoid, giving you a head start in planning for your future growth.

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