As businesses move from the low $billion to double digit $billions in sales, it is essential to scale customer support at the same pace as business growth. Often the focus is on revenue generation rather than customer service. The lack of attention and experience of scaling customer support means costs will soar as case volumes increase. Meanwhile, customers receive less personalised support than before, which impacts retention and loyalty.

AAC will help you proactively plan ahead for scaling your customer support in line with rapid business growth. Building on experience acquired within some of the world’s best-known technology companies, we provide you with advice, best practice and pitfalls to avoid so you gain a head start in planning for the future.

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CX Advisor

The responsibility for major service transformation rests with senior management. We provide impartial, executive-level guidance as you design and implement your strategy.

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Differentiating through people

Technologies may be hard to tell apart but the same cannot be said for people. We develop creative cultural programmes that make your people your biggest asset.

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Transitioning to the cloud

Customer service organisations are often hampered by legacy technologies. We can help you accelerate the adoption of cloud to continue providing world-class customer experience.

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