NEWS ALERT: YNV Group appoint Aileen Allkins as Executive Director

UK – January 2022: Founder of AAC, Aileen Allkins, has announced she will join YNV Group as Executive Director, effective January 10th, 2022, and will hold senior leadership roles across several Group companies as Chief Executive Officer of Wize Solutions and Chief Customer Officer and Executive Director for Tek Experts and Elev8. YNV Group is [...]

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How upskilling and reskilling could hold the key to long-term success

Discussions on talent development in Customer Service tend to exist in the relatively limited context of HR or workforce strategies. Individual or collective training and development planning is often linked to people-related goals, such as boosting employee engagement or fostering future leaders. There is nothing wrong with that because much of the day-to-day decision-making on [...]

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Attrition in Customer Service: Why do people leave and what can employers do about it?

Anyone who has worked in or around Customer Service will tell you there is a grudging acceptance that high attrition rates go with the territory. It’s often blamed on early career staff joining to get a foot on the career ladder before moving on to ‘bigger and better things’. While it is true that attrition [...]

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Equalising the relative importance of in-house and outsourced customer service teams

The contact centre outsourcing market is growing and is projected to reach a CAGR of 9% between 2021 and 2026. With so many companies outsourcing it is worth exploring if they truly capitalise on the opportunity to enable their outsource partners to promote their brand and positively contribute to enhanced business outcomes? Whilst one of [...]

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Why personalised training journeys for Customer Service & Support teams is the way forward

Widescale digital transformation has meant an increasing prevalence of self-service options and AI-enabled chatbots which in turn has significantly reduced the need for humans to handle the simple customer queries. However, it may come as something of a surprise, but studies show that the telephone is still the preferred method of customer communication. In the [...]

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Career growth for Customer Service & Support teams

The customer service and support industry is synonymous with high attrition rates and a key contributing factor is the lack of career growth options for the frontline teams. These frontline roles are often taken by early career workers and start at the lower end of the pay scale. They can be highly pressurised roles, dealing [...]

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Say what you mean. Mean what you say.

Authenticity is an over-used buzzword in the business world and yet its true meaning could hold the key to future success in customer experience (CX). In a recent Econsultancy article, CEO of Engine Transformation, Emma Robertson, proposes “The future of CX isn’t what the customer sees on the outside, but what’s done organisationally and operationally [...]

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AI and automation in customer service: How will it benefit the frontline manager?

Commentary on AI and automation in customer service tends to overlook the crucial role of the frontline manager. There seem to be two general viewpoints. The first is the organisational outlook. How will new technology support efficiency and reduce costs? The second is the agent’s point of view. What does the use of robotic process [...]

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Will other executives learn from Jeff Bezos’ legacy?

When a successful CEO departs, they often leave behind something that is ingrained in the very fabric of their organisation. In the same way that Steve Jobs left a legacy of design thinking at Apple, Jeff Bezos leaves behind a relentless focus on the customer at Amazon. We know plenty about these two CEOs [...]

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Customer service vs. customer experience: What’s missing from the debate?

Customer service or customer experience? These descriptions are often used to mean the same thing but any seasoned practitioner will tell you there are very clear differences. In his ITProPortal article on this very subject, Neil Hammerton, makes a strong case as to why businesses need to understand the difference between the two terms. Yet [...]

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