AI and automation in customer service: How will it benefit the frontline manager?

Commentary on AI and automation in customer service tends to overlook the crucial role of the frontline manager. There seem to be two general viewpoints. The first is the organisational outlook. How will new technology support efficiency and reduce costs? The second is the agent’s point of view. What does the use of robotic process [...]

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Will other executives learn from Jeff Bezos’ legacy?

When a successful CEO departs, they often leave behind something that is ingrained in the very fabric of their organisation. In the same way that Steve Jobs left a legacy of design thinking at Apple, Jeff Bezos leaves behind a relentless focus on the customer at Amazon. We know plenty about these two CEOs [...]

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Customer service vs. customer experience: What’s missing from the debate?

Customer service or customer experience? These descriptions are often used to mean the same thing but any seasoned practitioner will tell you there are very clear differences. In his ITProPortal article on this very subject, Neil Hammerton, makes a strong case as to why businesses need to understand the difference between the two terms. Yet [...]

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Thought leadership – The good, the bad, and the ugly: business responses to COVID-19 and lessons for the future

COVID-19 has been an opportunity for businesses to demonstrate empathy towards customers at a time of great need, but it is also…

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INTERVIEW: The consultancy diversifying companies and delivering excellent customer experience

Customer service success starts at the top, but can we honestly say enough members of the C-Suite actively engage frontline teams to…

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C – Suite Commitment to the Frontline teams: Engaged Employees = Engaged Customers

Delivering a positive customer experience is vital for any business. An article in Forbes reported 97% of CEOs believe customer satisfaction is…

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